What's it like to be a PM at a bank?

In terms of pay, day to day tasks, importance/value to team and company. I’m not sure if I should apply to bank at this point so would like some insight.

Hello, So at a bank, PMs mostly work on products that involve around trading platforms and the automation of trading activity is very topical (a place where banks are ultimately headed). I do believe that banks are headed in the direction of being tech firms. You gain expertise in not only tech/product management but also in financial products which can be very interesting and advanced.

However, keep in mind banks tend to have more bureaucracy and regulatory oversight too, which may impact the progress of how things get rolled out.

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But if you’re not going to work in finance in the future why would it be helpful to have expertise in financial products?

Yes but remember it’s not just banks who use financial products. Even if you don’t work on trading products, you may be dealing with fraud, security etc. which are also products that would be very useful and valuable to have knowledge about. Plus when you’re that central to driving revenue, I would say the work can be a lot more interesting.