US News rankings, BS or actually important?

the 2022 US news college rankings just came out and I was thinking do companies really care about this? I know students get all worked up about it but I feel like the department matters more than the overall prestige of the school when it comes to getting internships and full time jobs. Or am I totally wrong? It just feels like everything I know about how places like US news compiles their rankings is arbitrary and nonsensical. For instance, they send out surveys to professors and administrators at all universities that ask them to rank the reputation and prestige of other universities…how can that be robust and objective? Anyways, would love to know any thoughts

I think it’s BS but most people still treat it like the Bible so I don’t think that’s changing anytime soon

Definitely BS

having reviewed multiple CVs myself for my team and interviewed a number of candidates, I can tell you that people look more at departments and courses than the name of university. That being said, some still attach prestige to certain unis like ivy leagues, but i honestly think that’s changing at least in finance. a lot of companies are making an effort to hire from “non-target” schools and to diversify their hirings, and I have personally met multiple heads of desk and successful people who didn’t attend “elite” school. My firm belief is that were you go to school should never stop you from doing your best to get a job/internship :slight_smile: .