Networking without good alumni network

Applying for roles in IB/PE but it really just seems impossible without connections. The problem is I don’t go to a target school and my alumni network isn’t great (not a lot of people in BBs, top firms). I know that I can use LinkedIn to reach out to people but my response rate is so low it never really gets me anywhere. Anyone have any tips on how I can go about networking?

Reach out to more, cold email people as well. Find people that have some sort of shared interest or background as you so you can start a conversation. Join professional clubs and organizations. go to recruitment and networking events as much as you can. If any of your friends or family have connections obviously use those as well.

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I feel for ya, being from a target/brand name school really gives you an upper hand because unfortunately firms care so much about this. You will need to put more time and effort into going to events, cold messaging people on linkedin. I would also use social media like Twitter

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Have you had a lot of success with Twitter? how do you find the relevant people?