Meta Partner engineer intern or Amazon SDE intenr


I gave my software engineer intern first around 5 days back. I gave them the approach correctly for both the question. However, I did a slight mistake while implementing in one of the questions which led them to not give me a hard rejection. Instead, they have forwarded me for partner engineer intern final round. Although, I liked the job description alot since I felt it is the intersection of business and swe. However, I am still unsure will it be a good decision to move forward with this position given the fact that I already have an sde intern offer from Amazon.

Can partner engineer migrate back to swe roles later in their career or will the role act as hindrance for this as there is not many partner engineer roles in other big companies like FAANG?

I will be highly thankful for any suggestions and guidance.

PS- I aspire to move to management side later in my career.

I’ve heard about partner engineering roles and I think they’re more common now (they have them at Google, FB/Meta, LinkedIn etc.) however I have the impression that it’s much less coding and talking to partners. Probably more like product/program managers. If your ultimate goal is management though it may be worth considering?

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