Losing hope

After 250+ applications and 5 final round rejections, I’m losing hope that I’ll ever find a job. I’m graduating very soon and I’m starting to panic. I’ve spent 100s of hours prepping and studying for interviews and sometimes I’ve just gotten ghosted after the final round.

I’m not really applying of anything that is a stretch for my background and interests. I try to also diversify the firms I’m applying to (banks, HFs, prop shops etc. of varying sizes) Maybe I’m really just doing something wrong.


this is really normal, don’t lose hope keep going! Most of the time you just have to be lucky too.

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Thanks for the encouragement, it’s been really tough to not lose hope but I’ll keep trying.

I feel this to my core :sob:

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sorry to hear that :confused: you got this too!

Don’t lose hope! There are definitely still a lot of companies still interviewing and taking applications. I would drop resumes every day to maximize your chances. It’s tough job market out there so keep at it!