Languages skills for IB

Does knowing more languages (on a professional/conversational level) actually give you an edge in finance? I’m in the US but are there languages aside from English that would be good to know? I currently speak Spanish decently but still not confidently conversational. Btw, I am interested in going into PE afterwards.


If you’re based in US Spanish since there’s LATAM business. Other than that I’d say French and German. Although all of this is just a huge plus, not really something people actively look for IMO


French is could be slightly more helpful because French people don’t like speaking English even if they can

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I concur with what is said above. Languages are never really a prerequisite but just nice to haves. if you already have a foundation in Spanish, just work on getting that to a professional level if you have the time. There are tons of shows in Spanish on Netflix if that helps haha

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I’ve watched Money Heist and Narcos, any other recommendations?