Is data science/data engineering getting too saturated?

This may be a stupid question but I just see so many people interested in data science these days that I’m worried the field has already become over-saturated. In addition, so much of what we do could probably be automated. Are there fewer jobs available relative to the number of applicants these days?

I think data science yes but data engineering no. Data engineers is more of a software dev role where you build the infrastructure to help guide and support what the data scientists have to do. I do think that not as many software engineers are very interested in being data engineers if they have the option to work as a swe at FAANG or something. The trends seems to be moving towards putting more value to DEs as companies realize building the pipeline for ds is crucial to do the data analysis that they need to do.

My background isn’t in swe (I took a few intro classes) so I assume DE is definitely out of the question for me?