IMC trading New grad Systems Engineer

Did anyone take the New Grad Systems Engineer Hackerrank or the Software Engineer hackerrank recently? If so how was it and any tips on preparation?

Also, if anyone took the one-way interview after the hackrrank, what type of questions can we expect?

For the hackerrank OA I got two questions a few months ago. One was about a chess board where you had to find the minimum number of moves needed by a knight to move from position A to B on the board while avoiding the bishop’s threat at position C (but you can take it out). Basically you can consider the minimum of two options, one where you go from A to B while avoiding C or go from A to B while capturing the bishop at C.

The other one was to implement a stack which was easier.

@unknown-neo thank you so. much! Was this for the software engineer role or systems engineer?

Software engineering, but I would imagine the interview would not be too different?

okay. how was the one way video interview? @unknown-neo