I didn't waive access to LOR, am I fucked?

So I applied to several PhD programs but didn’t pay attention to the waive access to LOR stuff. I accidentally didn’t waive it for a few applications and I was told that this is really bad and could actually lead the to reject me. What should I do? Should I contact the schools to say I waive my rights to access and it was a sincere mistake? Please help!

Hi there. first of all, don’t panic! I wouldn’t say you’re completely screwed but it’s definitely a great situation to be in. I definitely would email the schools just explaining the situation. Pretty sure if you give them a heads about this you should be fine. Do it as soon as you can so you catch them before they finish reviewing everyone’s application. Good luck, don’t worry. You’ll be fine!

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Yea I’ll definitely do that asap, thank you!