Hobbies outside of cs and school

I am so tired of just working all day, studying, grinding lc and prepping for interviews. I feel so drained and burned out. I really want to start doing something like a hobby that takes my mind off things, is fun and relaxing and I can get really stuck into. Anyone have any suggestions?

I joined a climbing gym, it’s been a great way to meet people too!

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I think there are many ways to get some rest ! Depending on how much time you’re ready to give to this hobby, you can simply start to watch series, read a book 30 min each night before sleeping or involve yourself in a sport activity !
I strongly believe that by having hobbies, you become even more productive at work ! :wink:

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definitely agree. any suggestions for books? i don’t really read so would need to find books that are easier to get through :grimacing: