Got two Cs in undergrad, what are my chances for top programs

I’m done with all my phd applications (biology). I applied to several top 10 programs and I’ve only heard back from one about interviews so far. However I did get two Cs (not in bio classes) in undergrad. is that going to severely affect my chances? My overall GPA is still fairly high

You definitely still have a shot, especially if you have a strong profile otherwise. I know plenty of people who got accepted to great programs, and didn’t have amazing GPAs and had a C or two in classes related to the PhD program they applied to. Depending on the program and school, they’re not just looking for perfect students but also people who have interesting experiences and a passion for doing research. You already applied so I wouldn’t worry too much at this point. As long as your LORs and personal statements are strong, you have good GRE scores, and perhaps you have some research experience then you definitely still have a good shot!