Google swe internship final round

I’m so happy that I made it to the final round but also crazy nervous. I’ve been preparing a lot but if anyone has any tips or insight into what to expect please let me know! My interview is in a week and I was wondering if there are particular topics they like asking about during the onsite.

You will probably have two coding rounds for the last round. Here are a few examples of questions recently asked:

  1. Given a binary 2d array with zeros and ones, where zero means that cell is empty and one represents there an obstacle there. Is it possible to remove at most one obstacle to determine where the starting point to ending point
  2. Given a log of [timestamp, name, status code, duration], calculate the concurrence of various events.
  3. Finding peak elements.

They will likely ask follow up questions related to time and space complexity. The coding questions are generally medium difficulty.