Finance to tech

Are there a lot of people moving from finance to tech? As there are is an increasing number of people in finance who code (whether that’s quants, tech, or even more front office roles), are these people staying in finance or going to tech? I could see how unless you’re at a hedge fund, you are likely a back office support role and aren’t getting paid as much.

Would love to know y’alls thoughts. Is finance becoming more tech heavy and are people preferring to stay in finance more long term or not?

I would say yes there are people moving to work for tech if given the opportunity as it is still more of an attractive option for people with coding backgrounds. However, banks and funds are increasingly becoming tech companies too basically so I wouldn’t be surprised if they started paying a lot more to attract cs talent in the future.

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only a particular subgroup of finance though, as in the more technical or quant-oriented people