CS major here, need suggestions on classes to take

Rising junior here and I’ve taken all my requirements for my major. As much as I still enjoy taking classes within my major, I’m trying to branch out and explore other departments that may have classes that will help me in the future. It does not have to be SWE-related courses, just anything that teaches skills or material that will help my career, broaden my horizons and improve critical thinking skills. Open to any suggestions.

Btw, out of curiosity, do recruiters and hiring managers actually care about what classes you take ni undergrad?

I really recommend taking classes that require writing, so anything in the humanities that sounds interesting to you. As an engineer, I and a lot of my friends really struggle to even write a few paragraphs of anything and even as a SWE your job will likely entail some degree of writing, doing research, synthesizing etc. High school level stuff probably isn’t good enough or at least you’d need to practice more

I definitely agree! But I would also recommend taking more math and philosophy classes. The basic required math classes at your school for CS may not be that sufficient and philosophy is great for critical thinking and logic. If you’re interested in ethics, philosophy would be a good option to explore as well.