Classes to take - designer

Hi! i’m currently an undergrad and really want to get a job as a ui/ux designer and idk what classes (at college) would give me actual skills, hands on experience and knowledge that would help me do well as a designer. Any advice would be very appreciated!

So I’m actually majoring in visual arts but I’m not sure if I wanna stay in design. Anyways, aside from graphic design and visual arts courses, I highly recommend taking a few classes in CS and psychology. For CS, it’s not completely necessary to do this but it will def help you communicate with the developers and companies like designers who also have CS experience/degrees. Plus it gives you a good alternative if you decide design isn’t for you.

In terms of psych classes, to learn about human behaviour and how to design interfaces in a way that entices people are crucial to be a good designer. Thus, cognitive science and psych are gonna be useful for this purpose. Otherwise, take classes you enjoy that will help broaden your knowledge and encourage creativity!

This is actually great advice, I’ll definitely look into psych courses!