Applying to Masters in Financial Engineering

Hi all. I know I’ve posted a few things already about applying to grad programs. This post is specifically dedicated to a particular one: Masters of Financial Engineering (MFE). The MFE program is often geared towards people with engineering or mathematical backgrounds who want to make finance their field of application OR people with business or econ backgrounds who want to gain more quantitative skills. A lot of people use these masters to get jobs at prop shops, hedge funds etc.

MFEs have become increasingly popular and most of them are already open for applications. Deadlines are usually due end of December - mid January but please check the website of each individual program. A few top programs include:

  • Princeton University MFin
  • Columbia MFE
  • Carnegie Mellon University MFE
  • UC Berkeley MFE
  • Baruch MFE
  • University of Chicago - Financial Mathematics
  • New York University MFE

You can also consider Masters in Operations Research or Masters in Management Science & Engineering (like the ones at Columbia and Stanford which give you the opportunity to go to finance or data science if you’re on the fence between the two). Make sure you schedule your GREs, get your LORs, translate transcripts if needed, start SOPs etc. - please refer to one of my previous posts on details.