Any Companies Still hiring SWE interns?

Hi everyone,

Sadly, I still haven’t secured an internship that excites me for summer 2022. It seems like places are filling up left and right. I’m currently waiting on a phone screen decision from META but as I scrolled through Reddit I saw a ton people explain how they got rejected despite doing well on the interview. It seems as though the bar has been heighted as the number of spots decreased at these large companies. I’ve been applying to other places but I noticed how much lower my response rate over the last few month or so. Does anyone know of any places that are still hiring SWE interns?(preferably larger companies but startups are cool too). If so, I would really appreciate it if you shared that w me.

Hi there. I’m really sorry you haven’t been able to secure an internship yet. Things are getting more and more competitive every year so don’t be so hard on yourself. It’s a lot of luck and other factors out of your control as well. Although yes many larger companies have already completed the bulk of their recruitment, there are definitely still ones that interview later on in the cycle. I’ve compiled a list of swe internships that are still open at decent sized companies and startups that may interest you:

  1. Full stack internship at Expensify Expensify — Full Stack Engineering Intern
  2. Multiple internships at Motional Work With Us. // Motional
  3. SWE Intern at GE Software Engineering Intern job in 207 Bullitt Avenue SE, Roanoke, VA 24013, United States of America | Digital Technology / IT jobs at GE
  4. SWE Intern at Salesforce Workday
  5. ML/AI Intern at Apple Machine Learning / AI Internship - Careers at Apple
  6. SWE Intern at Palantir Palantir Technologies - Software Engineer, Internship
  7. Computing Engineer Intern at NVIDIA Workday
  8. SWE Intern at Tableau Workday
  9. SWE Intern at Paypal Intern Jobs in United States at PayPal
  10. SDE Intern at Qualtrics Software Development Engineer in Test - Summer Intern - Seattle job in Seattle, Washington, United States | Engineering jobs at Qualtrics
  11. SWE Intern at Garmin Garmin | Jobs | Careers | Hiring
  12. SWE Intern at Roblox Careers at Roblox
  13. Engineering Intern at Twitch En
  14. SWE Intern (Product, ML, or data) at Chime Software Engineering Intern, Product Engineering Job | Chime Careers
  15. SWE Intern at Zoom
  16. SWE Intern at Plaid
  17. SWE Intern at Pinterest Software Engineering Intern (USA), US - Pinterest Careers
  18. SWE Intern at Twilio Job Application for Software Engineer Intern - USA - Summer 2022 at Twilio
  19. SWE Intern at Yext Job Application for 2022 Software Engineer Summer Intern at Yext
  20. SWE Intern at Rivian Jobs at Rivian Automotive

In terms of startups, here are a few that are still hiring:

  1. SWE intern at Gemini Crypto Jobs | Gemini
  2. SWE intern at Squarespace Jobs – Squarespace
  3. SWE Intern at Karat Job Application for Software Engineering Intern (Summer 2022) at Karat
  4. SWE Intern at Roku Roku
  5. SWE intern (multiple) at Addepar Jobs at Addepar
    Definitely check out for lots of options!

You can also consider hedge funds/HFTs/prop shops that are more technical (interviews would require a bit more math/stats etc). Examples include IMC, SIG, Jane Street, Optiver, Two Sigma, Wolverine Trading.

Feel free to let me know if you have any more questions. Good luck, hang in there!

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You’re not alone man, I’m still looking too. It makes me feel worse looking at all the offers people have been posting about online. Good luck with Meta!

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Thank you so much! I started to lose hope after all of the rejections but this post really helped lift my spirits. I think I applied to some of those places but I will certainly apply to ones I haven’t. Thanks again!

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Thanks for sharing your experience. You’ve made me feel less alone lol. From the sounds of it, my chances at Meta are looking really slim but I’ll hope for the best. Good luck to you as well! I hope u find something soon.

glad to hear that :blush:

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still looking here too, have applied to >300 internships at this point

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I feel u man :frowning:. I hope u get something soon